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NZ’s #1 Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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Hemp Seed Oil Testimonials*

NZ’s #1 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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NZ’s #1 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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My Joints Already Feel Better!

Only have been taking hemp seed oil tablets for a couple of weeks and have notice how much better my joints are feeling! Suzanne McDermott

Less Pain & Capsules Shipped Fast!

Highly recommend this product. Hemp seed oil has made a huge difference to my knee, increasing the range of movement, and reducing the use of painkillers. Couldn’t be more impressed. Was also impressed with the delivery time. Chrissy Rewita

Hemp Seed Oil Made A Big Difference!

I love the hemp seed oil capsules, I have rheumatoid arthritis and they are amazing for reducing inflammation and pain, I ran out of capsules for 4 days and was in agony, then my order arrived and I started to come right again, I wouldn’t use anything else. Amy Darling

I Sleep Better And Feel More Rested

The hemp oil capsules are an amazing product, I sleep better and am not so fatigued at the end of the day and my memory seems to be better. Lynne Stevens

Hemp Capsules Give The Best Results

Fantastic product, after 3 years of using these capsules my joints have never felt better. I have tried many different oils over many years and this has given the best results. Jeff Hadwin

Headache Relief With Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

Top product. I only ever use hemp seed oil and only ever buy from the Hemp farm. Hemp has worked miracles for my daily headaches. Do try this. Jacqueline Anne

Best Selling Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Rated 4.81 out of 5


Hemp Skin Care Testimonials*

NZ’s #1 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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NZ’s #1 Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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I’m Amazed It Really Worked!

Just amazing! I actually got it to try as I didn’t really believe it will work! But it did, my sons eczema pretty much disappeared! I will be ordering more as this is a miracle balm, after trying so many different creams and lotions this one is the only balm that worked! I also used it for my dry lips and it’s works amazing too! Irena

This Healing Balm Is Incredible!

This is an incredible product that helps psoriasis, eczema, itches, pimples, or any manor of skin issue. I’ve tried it on all my family, and I cannot recommend highly enough – it beats all other natural products that supposedly help psoriasis and eczema by miles, and a little goes a long well. A must have for the ‘medicine’ cabinet or anyone with skin issues – effective on babies children and adults. So pleased to find this. Thank you! Sarah Hodgson

I Adore My Daily Skin Indulgence

I use this as my daily moisturiser and it is absolutely delectable. I look forward to blessing my skin with it every morning! Jordan Gibb

This Serum Is A Must Have!

I have combination skin and since I started using this have enjoyed much healthier skin. Tried something else along the way and had to go back. It’s a must have. Angela Joyce

The Best Face Oil I’ve Tried

I have used so many facial oils over the years and have just started using this one and already its a favorite. I use this at night before night cream and my skin looks so fresh in the morning. I love that this contains Frankincense which is so good for skin. Andrea Palmer

Best Selling Organic Hemp Skin Care

Rated 5.00 out of 5


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Arthritis and Inflammation

Arthritis and inflammation are intimately connected. Most clinical studies looking at omega-3 supplements for arthritis have focused on rheumatoid arthritis. One study suggests that people with rheumatoid arthritis who take an omega supplement may be able to lower their dose of painkillers (NSAIDs)…

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