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Hemp Plant

Hemp Facts

Hemp Helps The Enviroment
Through Bio Remdiation

Hemp can clean the atmosphere, protect the environment and even reverse the damage done to it. Global warming is the result of high CO2 levels. Hemp consumes 4 times as much CO2 as trees do, and its ability to grow fast (in 12-14 weeks) makes it a highly sustainable crop that effectively fights global warming. Moreover, hemp also removes toxins and radioactive chemicals from the soil by absorbing these dangerous elements within the plants. 


Hemp For A
Sustainable Environment

Hemp Replaces Plastic,
Fiberglass and Other Composite Materials

Thanks to its durability and recyclability, hemp stalks provide an excellent source of fibrous material for making composite panels of all shapes, sizes and functions, from doors to floors, car parts and window frames. Also, it is ideally suited for making plastic consumer products.

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