2018 positive resolutions include hemp

Happy New Year!

It’s the exciting start of another new year, and for many of us that can mean positive resolution time.  A year of dreams, hopes, expectations, and more than likely a few challenges. Perhaps you plan on making a big move, in your career or home life, or maybe you have a special event this year, such as a wedding or family reunion. Maybe you made that New Year’s resolution to learn meditation, cut back on booze, quit smoking, or of course, lose weight. These new adventures can seem daunting. We are often left feeling like a ‘failure’ when we are unable to stick to those resolutions, most of which are forgotten by February.

Let’s look for a moment at those dreaded diet plans. They are often unrealistic, and in my opinion, ‘diets’ just don’t work, as they are something outside of our normal day to day routine, requiring relentless planning, organizing unrealistic recipes which the rest of the family don’t eat, often needing to prepare two meals each day, it just doesn’t work. I mean what happens when this magic diet helps you to get to your desired weight and then you want to go back to normal eating? Yes, you guessed it the weight creeps back on and you are back to square one..grrr!

How about eating good quality real food? Yes like the old days before fast and processed food was born…(can I call it food?). You know real food, like good quality protein, lots of veggies, fiber and some fruit. One much loved, well researched and very successful plan is the Mediterranean way of eating (not diet!), One of the many joys and celebrations of this kind of eating is to drizzle a good quality virgin cold pressed oil over an array of delicious colourful foods, often olive oil. You may not realise that Hemp seed oil is absolutely perfect for drizzling in just the exact same way and it contains about half the saturated fat of olive and around 20 times more omega 3, now that is so good!

Hemp seed oil also has an optimal balance of omegas 6 and 3 at a ratio of 3:1, which studies have shown can help lower cholesterol levels by accelerating metabolic processes. With a faster metabolism, fats burn at a quicker rate and are not deposited on the artery walls, great news!

Omega 3 also helps to lower tryglicerides plus hemp seed oil uniquely contains plant stenols, associated with cholesterol reduction. Hemp seed oil contains the anti-inflammatory benefits of GLA, which converts to prostoglandin, which helps regulate the hormones and supports menopausal health, curbing those cravings.

What’s not to love? How about the taste, well compared with many oils, hemp seed oil is very delicious, it has a well rounded flavour, nutty, earthy tasting. Absolutley perfect for adding to salad dressings, pestos, smoothies or just drizzling on food liberally. It couldn’t be better!

So if you are looking to kick-start and maintain your weight loss plan this year, choose the oil that actually supports and helps your body reach it’s goals,  as part of a long term, life-changing approach. Oh, and by the way,  hemp seed oil also has a therapeutic effect on skin health too, a great bonus for that special event!

Good luck and heres to a healthier way of life!

Happy 2018 from the Hemp farm team

Anne Jordan
Director Hemp Farm NZ Ltd

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