Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your capsules vegan?
We understand that some customers are concerned about consuming gelatin capsules, and as such it is something that we are always looking for a solution to. Our current capsules are bovine gelatin, and contain certified organic hemp seed oil, and encapsulated in a certified organic facility. Our bottled oil and protein products are vegan.
Why do your capsules contain iron oxide?
The iron oxide makes the capsules dark, which prevents light from reaching the oil, like the dark glass used for our oil bottles. We made these choices because light oxidizes the oil, which reduces the health benefits by changing its composition. Iron oxide is considered non-toxic. If you visit and look at the category "Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)", you will see that studies have found it safe. Of course we understand if you are still unsure, so you can always use the bottled oil in place of capsules, as the oil is exactly the same in both forms.
Is your skin care certified organic?
The Promise skin care range is guaranteed to be hand-made with only organic ingredients, most of which are certified. The overall products themselves have not been independently certified.You can rest assured that we only source the highest quality ingredients for our skin care range.
Does your hemp oil cure cancer?
The well-known Rick Simpson “hemp oil” cancer treatment is made from unfertilized cannabis flower buds, and these are currently illegal in New Zealand. Our product is made from the oil of the hemp seeds. The oil is highly nutritious, and has a lot of health benefits of it’s own, including supporting the body’s healing mechanisms and immune system. It can be a helpful addition to a cancer sufferers diet, but it is not a cancer cure. Please visit our testimonials and other information pages for more details.
Is your protein powder & flake human food grade?
Our protein powder and flake is currently consumed in many other parts of the world where it is currently legal for humans to eat hemp foods. In New Zealand we are not allowed to sell hemp foods (except for oil) for human consumption, but we still sell the same high quality product that your pets can enjoy.
Does your skin care expire?
Our hemp seed oil skincare is hand blended from mostly certified organic high quality natural essential oils, free from any preservatives.We have an expiry day of up to one year unopened.Once open it is recommended to use the product within six months ideally. However even though the fragrance may change slightly the products remain safe for use for much longer. The shelf life can be extended by storing your products in the fridge.
Will I pass a drug test while using your products?
THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis, and it is THC that is tested for when you are drug tested. Our hemp crops are tested to ensure there is no THC in our products.
How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free on orders over $70 within New Zealand. A flat rate of $5 applies to all other New Zealand orders.

Is your packaging discrete?

HempFarm products do not contain drugs. However, some people still associate hemp with illegal activity. Therefore, we now only display the Hemp Farm Seed logo on packages. It will no longer say MyHempFarm on the outside.

How long does shipping take?

Orders are sent the next day. All orders are sent by courier with a tracking number. Orders are usually delivered in 24-48hrs, with 99% of orders delivered within 3 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. You will save 2% by paying with bank transfer. Please note that orders are not sent until payment has cleared.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. Our website and payment gateways are encrypted with SSL, and we do not hold any customer credit/debit card data or PayPal login information.

How do you save my credit/debit card details?

The option to save your credit/debit card details for next time is available with the Stripe secure payment gateway. These details are stored with Stripe, so My Hemp Farm will never see your card details.

I have a question about my order?

Please fill out the contact form or email [email protected] and we will assist you shortly.

How do I change my automatic reorder?

Visit the "My Account" page in the menu, then click on "Subscriptions".

I'm not satisfied. How do I get my money back?

Please email [email protected] with your order number to request a refund. We will transfer payment back to the card you paid with, or return the funds to your bank account, depending on the payment method used.


What is a 'verified owner'?

A verified owner is someone who purchased an item on the account they are using to write the review. We accept other reviews to allow any customer a chance give their opinion.

Why has my review been edited?

In order to comply with “Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code”, even genuine customer reviews containing any health benefits must only refer to topical use of bottled hemp seed oil.  No health claims may be made for consumption of bottled hemp seed oil that are not on the pre-approved list “Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Schedule 4 – Nutrition, health and related claims”.
We advise that you search Google for the scientific studies on the health effects of not just hemp seed oil, but also omega fatty acids, which are found in hemp seed oil. There are many fascinating health effects currently being investigated, but these health effects have yet to be approved for use in marketing or packaging of food products in New Zealand and Australia.

Hemp Farm Dollars
How do I get Hemp Farm Dollars?

Every purchase you make on My Hemp Farm can earn Hemp Farm Dollars. Simply make your purchase while logged in.

You will also earn 3 Hemp Farm Dollars for each review you write (after purchasing the item). Abuse of this system is not accepted.

How much are Hemp Farm Dollars worth?

1 Hemp Farm Dollar = 1 New Zealand dollar.

How do I spend my Hemp Farm Dollars?

Add items to your basket, then click "View Basket". Click the "Apply Discount" button below the text that shows you how many Hemp Farm Dollars you have to spend. Type in how many Hemp Farm Dollars you want to use this time, then click ok.
If you want to remove your discount, Click "Remove" in the "Basket Totals" box on the right.
If you want to reapply Hemp Farm Dollars, click on "Shop", then click on "View Basket" again.

Can I spend and earn Hemp Farm Dollars in one transaction?

Yes! You don't have to choose between spending or saving, you will always earn Hemp Farm Dollars on every purchase.

Can I spend my Hemp Farm Dollars immediately?

Hemp Farm Dollars earned on an item cannot be redeemed at the time of buying it.

You can spend all earned Hemp Farm Dollars immediately afterwards on a new purchase (as long as payment has cleared for the first purchase).

How do I see my Hemp Farm Dollars balance?

This is visible in the "My Account" Dashboard.

I forgot to log in, but I want my Hemp Farm Dollars!

Don't worry, we can update your balance manually! Just send an email to [email protected] with your order number and the email address on your account.

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