We are family business

We care about customer experience as much as we care about the environment. We are truly passionate about kiwis joining us on this journey, and engaging with us at My Hemp Farm.

Dave Jordan – CEO & Founder

“I have spent most of my adult life working and guiding on the rivers, glaciers, mountains, and bush of New Zealand and overseas. I am passionate about this incredible environment that we are so lucky to live in. I believe that it is vitally important we protect this precious environment, with hemp as our companion plant. It is the most environmentally beneficial way to preserve our land and health. We can continue to argue the human effect on climate change, but we cannot argue the human effect on the environment. The easiest way for everyday people to make a difference is with their purchasing power. By supporting businesses that are making a difference, they enable that change to grow into something greater.”

Anne Jordan – Director & Co-Founder

“I have a keen interest in health and nutrition. I spent most of my young adult life in dance and theatre, which I still enjoy to this day. I am usually out and about talking about my love of hemp and all of its many benefits, for the environment and for our own health too. Every day I am inspired by all the testimonials from our customers finding relief from a range of painful conditions such as arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, blood cholesterol levels and more. I have also found a huge increase in my energy levels since taking the oil, which is a godsend, because keeping up with Dave can be a challenge!”

Harley Aspinall – Chief Design Officer & Co-Founder

Harley is a big part of the founding team, creating the websites, graphics, brand design, photos and videos, along with digital communication systems for HempFarm. Harley has been a dedicated member of the team and instrumental in his role. His tenacity and eagerness to protect the brand, along with his talent for developing systems continues to be a treasured asset. His ability to improve and problem solve technical issues in the digital space has been key to HempFarm’s growth.

“I am proud to help the HempFarm grow as a business and develop into a brand that New Zealanders can be proud of. I want to see the Hemp Farm become a part of our cultural identity, something that kiwis can use as a vessel for positive change. Every day I strive to make the team and customer experience with HempFarm a positive one.”

You can contact me by emailing: [email protected]

harley aspinall hemp farm chief design officer