Pure Hemp Seed Oil 250ml (Organic Certified)

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The intelligent fuel your body deserves in a 250ml bottle

Hemp seed oil is a raw superfood oil that nourishes your body whether you eat it or massage it into your skin. For nutrition, hemp oil is considered a wonder oil providing a range of necessary nutrients to energise and nourish – in particular as a source of GLA – an anti-inflammatory Omega 6.

Hemp seed oil contains two essential fatty acids: Omega 6 and Omega 3, “essential” because our bodies cannot make them and so we need to get these from our diet. Unlike other sources of Omega essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil provides the ideal balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in a 3:1 ratio for optimal absorption which works to boost metabolism, support immunity and promote heart health. Ready for a healthy boost? Expect a buttery, herbaceous and nutty flavoured oil which contains 40% less saturated fat than olive oil.

The Canadian hemp crops are grown under the SAFE certification standards and then cold-pressed in Canada. We bottle here in New Zealand, nitrogen flush and double seal for freshness.

Hemp seed oil is for you if:

  • You want to add a complete Omega oil supplement to your diet. Hemp oil has an ideal Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids ratio of 3:1.
  • You’re after a low maintenance superfood that you can either drizzle over salads and soups or your toast as a butter replacement – so simple.
  • You love products with versatility – hemp seed oil can be used externally as well as taken internally.

How to take hemp seed oil:

  • Blend a tablespoon of hemp seed oil into your smoothies, teas and tonics.
  • Use to top your favourite dishes or as an ingredient in hummus and dressings.
  • Externally, hemp seed oil can be used to nourish dry skin and alleviate acne as well as reduce skin irritations such as eczema. For hair, work hemp oil into your hair and scalp.

How to store hemp seed oil:

Once opened, ideally keep refrigerated. If you don’t have the fridge space, store in a cool dark cupboard to avoid the degradation and rancidity of the fatty acids.

250ml / Gluten Free. Vegan.

Click here to read more about SAFE Certified Products

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34 reviews for Pure Hemp Seed Oil 250ml (Organic Certified)

  1. sarahkuggeleijn (verified owner)

    Both my husband & I have added this oil to our daily dietary routine, a spoonful daily with all the benefits of this oil has got to be good for us !!

  2. Elizabeth Eames (verified owner)

    Hemp Seed Oil is essential for health. I add it to my smoothies and on my vegetables or in dressings. Thrilled that Hemp has now become available after the history incurred. Feel good knowing I am having this remarkable oil. This plant is here for our good use, let’s support it.

  3. Alex Bruce (verified owner)

    I brought this for a friend who is pregnant to rub on her belly to stop stretch marks. She loves it!

  4. WJ (verified owner)

    taking the hemp oil and great quality product. also prompt reliable service. recommend.

  5. Mike West (verified owner)

    Taking hemp oil now for 6 months and already have positive effects with no more hip pain and reduced discomfort in my knee joints.

  6. catering_nz (verified owner)

    I took the Hemp Capsules x6 daily for 2 months then progressed to the oil. Im now on to my forth bottle and wonder when I will see a result .

  7. Patricia Hardwick (verified owner)

    My local vet wanted to put my retired Border Collie, aged 10, to sleep, due to severe arthritis. I tried her on the Hemp capsules first then the oil for change. The difference in her is amazing. No more limping and full of energy. I have take the capsules myself for 3 weeks now and already noticing the aches and pains slowly disappearing. Cant recommend these products enough.

  8. jbbsholmes (verified owner)

    Excellent product, giving to my dog for joint pain, super speedy delivery and packaged so well.

  9. Tony (verified owner)

    great product easy to take the hemp oil in its liquid form.im starting to feel more energetic etc

  10. stew.day3 (verified owner)

    Excellent product, easy to take, tastes good, I have a tbsp a day and works out much cheaper and higher dose than the tablet form. Many uses and benefits to this product.

  11. Maria (verified owner)

    Great taste and more benefits than other oils, will definitely re order.

  12. Jason McIver (verified owner)

    Tastes great and is a quick no fuss way to get omegas – im a huge fan and supporter of hemp and it’s many uses.
    Thanks Anne and Dave!

  13. j-tutbury (verified owner)

    I have only been using this product for two days but I must say what fabulous stuff it is!! Three months ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been on three different types of medication that have done nothing to help me. I suffer from chronic pain, mostly in my hips and one of my feet and struggle to walk most days. Today I woke up in unbearable pain, 2 tablespoons of this oil and within an hour my pain had been cut in half. Hours later and I can now walk without much pain and no limp!! I’ve just ordered some capsules for my mum as she suffers from arthritis so am hoping she has the same results as me. I can’t wait to write another raving review once she starts taking them. Thanks team!!

  14. lloydchelledriscoll (verified owner)

    Great product for joint pain and my sciatica, can now do gardening for more than an hour. Excellent service and packaging 🙂

  15. Adrienne Pescini (verified owner)

    Am loving this product, finally have relief in my feet

  16. Rose (verified owner)

    Great product I take it for joint pain Good delivery service

  17. taniastuhopkins (verified owner)

    Great product excellent service and will keep using this to see results as have only just started.

  18. Erin (verified owner)

    Love the flavour of the oil, have also been using on dry patches of skin and it works wonderfully. Have now given some to my son to try out on his skin topically.

  19. Richard (verified owner)

    Have only been taking this for three weeks but I noticed a difference in my stiffness, walking a flexibility after four days. As this is the only thing i am taking I have put it down to the oil.

  20. Dave (verified owner)

    Great nutty taste, great for salads

  21. Carol Sumner (verified owner)

    Give to my English bulldog .She has food allergies and this has so helped her with her itching. Awsome product.

  22. Carol Sumner (verified owner)

    I have an English bulldog and she suffers good allergies and weight issues so have been giving her drops on her food and the itching seems to have slowed down. Great product

  23. Sharon Jones (verified owner)

    Wonderful taste and feels great when applied to dry skin. I have been enjoying a tablespoon in my oats most mornings, also goes great on rosted vegetables and pasta dishes.

  24. celestesteentjes (verified owner)

    Amazing product and great customer service A++++++

  25. celestesteentjes (verified owner)

    Love this product !!My dog has epilepsy and her seizures are alot less frequent and when she does have them they are alot milder then usual

  26. Tania Suvalko (verified owner)

    Amazing Product. Amazing service.

  27. suzyblue1 (verified owner)

    Totally amzing. My two girls (dogs) have been on the oil, i have seen a good result in them. Give it ago people, A+++, Harley and his team have been fantastic with all my questions and giving me advice and support.

  28. Janice (verified owner)

    Great product. I put in my daily smoothie and use in my homemade moisturiser. Beautiful on my skin!

  29. shane boggs (verified owner)

    have been buying hemp seed oil for quite while for my mother she will be 92 years old next january and it has made a big difference to her health

  30. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Great product to have. I like using it as face care.

  31. Chrissy Thompson (verified owner)

    Takes a bit of getting used to but beautiful nutty flavour

  32. Jo

    I have somatic pain disorder and dry skin. I have been rubbing this on to my pain points and my face. It calms me down and helps with the pain and makes my face nice and smooth and shiny.

  33. Graham Pearce (store manager)

    I have had excruciating pain in my knee for a lot of years. So bad sometimes that I was using a stick or a crutch to get around. I succumbed to painkillers which after 3 years didn’t seem to be working very well at all. Trying to get off them has been a nightmare.

    Recently I was told about Hemp Seed Oil, which I have found to be some sort of miracle. I no longer have pain in my knee [when applied topically]. I don’t have to wake every time I need to turn over in bed because of the pain and stiffness of movement. I can now look forward to a good nights sleep.

    I am truly amazed and impressed, and telling all of my friends who suffer joint pain to try Hemp Seed Oil [applied topically]. Just to be able to do my housework and get through the day without pain is a miracle in itself.

  34. shareena.shafiq (verified owner)

    Great product to have. Good source of omega 3, 6 & 9. I personally take it off the spoon while my three year old has a tspn in his yoghurt. Will be purchasing more in future.

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